Amplifying the Voices of Students and Young Adults 


Eboné " Naye Songz" Liggines uses the tools she's learned through the lens of television and film to educate, motivate and inspire high school students as well as young adults. Eboné has been captivating school communities with her profound real life messages. She's real.She's compassionate. She's brutally honest and delivers a heartfelt message with truth and humor reaching into the hearts of those present. 

Eboné knows what to say in moments of crisis and she knows how to communicate with teens. Our youth appreciate how Eboné speaks with them and not at them. She makes our youth feel as if she’s speaking directly to them individually.

Student testimonial 

Interested in Having Eboné "Naye Songs" Liggines come out and speak to your students or a group of young adults? Please feel free to send us a message under our contact section and one of our staff members will email or call you directly.